Know Sooner - Act Faster.


Realtime monitoring of every pint and shot poured.

All data linked straight to an app on your phone or tablet.

All the BarDynamics products work across their own IOT network, collecting realtime data from anywhere in the world.

With BarDynamics solutions you will experience, in real-time fast and exact visibility of what’s happening behind your bar.

Easy To Use

Fits all known draught handles and comes with a ready to use spout.

Self Contained

Solutions to fit your specific requirement to get up and running is contained in one box.

Mobile App

The mobile app (iOS & Android) gives you instant readings.

The products

What Makes Up The Kit


”Direct replacement for your existing options. Comes in verious size for all parts of the world.”


”Fits all size bottles and be taken off for cleaning without the electronics leaving the bottle”

Beer Handle

”Easy fit under the existing handle ready to record every pour.”

Bottle Opener

”Captures the opening of every bottle.”



”The gateway sends all the data to the cloud with its own 4G connection.”


”The app on your phone or table allows you to review what was poured against what was sold.”


Need help?

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No. The gateway has 4G built in which sends all pour data direct to the Barflo portal.

The coin cell batteries will last three years when they can easily be replaced

We generally recommend that you only monitor fast moving products which are susceptible to shrinkage?

No. Barflo is not a portion control system. It counts pours and it’s aim is that you get paid for every drink that is dispensed.

All monitoring devices are guaranteed for 1 year except the gateway which is guaranteed for 5 years

When you receive your system, the devices are labelled. You place them on the designated bottles and taps. You plug in the gateway and you are ready to go.

No. The beer monitors are not intrusive. The are externally fitted between the tap handle and the faucet.

It is where required i.e. the optics are approved by the W & M. A jigger is used with the spouts and government approved glasses are used for draught beer.

Reporting is live with instant alerts to mobile devices based on tolerances pre-set by management.

Example 25 monitoring points. 1 gateway. Back office reporting software and mobile app will cost €3440.

Minimal training is required as Barflo does not interfere with existing work practices.

Yes There is a standard 10% of retail annual cost which includes the following services, Portal and web hosting, Software updates, telephone support.

You can connect 500+ devices to each gateway.

A gateway can receive signals from all devices.

No. Barflo records total bottles opened for live comparison with total sales registered on your POS